Service Lines

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Prime Electric Motor is engaged in providing hydroelectric, wind, turbine generator repairs; electric motor overhauls, rewinds & repair; large pump rebuilds & repairs; electric motor & pump supply; and offers specialty balancing services.

Dynamic Control Technologies LLC is an industrial automation and energy efficiency company. DCT helps clients save money and energy through providing the right solution and assisting through any available incentive programs. specializing in variable frequency drives, custom solutions, and control systems.

Energy Resources Group (ERG) provides service and repair to, Steam turbines & rotating equipment, hydro turbines, pump & valves.

MVA Diagnostics is a full-service transformer diagnostic service and maintenance company using their expertise and knowledge to help you protect your transformers.

VIE Technologies provides patented sensors, connectivity and AI technologies to support improved workflows. Detecting, Wear/rub, misalignment, Imbalance & looseness

IRISS supports Reliability Solutions for Electrical Equipment

  • Infrared Inspection Solutions
  • Ultrasound Inspection Solutions
  • Online Condition Monitoring
  • Intelligent Asset Management Solutions

Seacoast Supply is a Stocking Distributor and service provider of pumps, mechanical seals, synthetic lubricants, packing/gaskets and custom industrial hoses

RMS Energy provides solutions in EMSA – Electro Magnetic

Signature Analysis (WATCHKEEPER 24/7 Monitoring)

SVI Industrial specializes in mechanical services, to valves, welding, and masonry the SVI Industrial team is ready to support your plant- even onsite.

SVI Dynamics – Manufacturer of engineered gas path and industrial noise control solutions for power and process applications, including inlet and exhaust systems and silencers for gas turbines and fans.

BREMCO Inc. specializes in conventional boiler and heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) maintenance, tube repair and replacement.

Entry Point International provides Temporary Protection Solutions.  FR rated, light weight, reusable temporary protection of exterior and interior finished flooring, decks, roofs and other vertical and horizontal surfaces.

ValvTechnologies is the global leader in the design, development, and manufacture of metal seated zero-leakage severe service isolation solutions.

Affiliate Lines

Power Resources provides UPS Systems, Batteries and Critical Power Equipment.  (Design, supply, install, service & maintain) Including NERC Compliance

TurboGen Consultants Provide Turbine Controls Services and installs (505, Peak 150, DLSC RPS and other peripherals) Also Provide Woodward Governor Parts Hard to Find Parts. New & Aftermarket

Bluefin ESI represents: GE Grid Solutions; for Protective Relays, Metering, Instrument Transformers, Transformer Monitors, Monitoring systems.

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